Need help preserving your witness’s deposition on video?  Cain & Crane Court Reporters delivers high-quality videography services from capture through delivery.  Our videographers arrive one hour before the start of your deposition to optimize each room for recording.  Videographers dress and comport themselves professionally and will smoothly transition your proceeding on and off the record.

Camera with a mic


  • Post-production handled in house with 24-hour turnaround on most jobs
  • DVD copy for the taking attorney included at no additional cost
  • Detailed log sheet and videographer certificate provided
  • Delivery formats include miniDV tape, MPEG1, MPEG2, authored DVD, WMV, AVI, and MPEG-4
  • Video originals archived for five years at no additional cost

At the Deposition

  • CLVS-trained videographers
  • Secure video acquisition using new media for every job
  • Minimal disruption and comfortable break timing
  • Lighting deployed for better image quality in dimly lit locations
  • Guaranteed redundancy with simultaneous DVD backup, audio backup, and duplicate video kit at every job
  • Professional sound equipment for crisp audio
  • Broadcast-quality lavalier microphone provided for each attorney
  • For security, no wireless video or audio equipment permitted

Transcript Synchronization

  • Ability to synchronize transcripts and exhibits with video
  • Synced transcripts can be viewed on computer or TV
  • Synced files included for use with numerous trial presentation programs including Trial Director, Sanction Solutions, LiveNote, Visionary and others